Audiophile – Audio Note COBRA striking a new note with EL 34 tubes and Rogers LS 3/5A

DATE : 17 Nov, 2020
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

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Reply from our Editor-in-Chief:

“We started testing out the Audio Note COBRA a few days ago. It may be one of the best EL34 amplifiers I have ever listened to. Stay tuned.”

“Audio Note COBRA – winning your heart with its sound, with an incredibly restrained price.

Audiophile – Audio Note COBRA striking a new note with EL 34 tubes and Rogers LS 3/5A

“…For such a dainty speaker that is the size of a shoebox, Rogers LS 3/5A exudes such a rich musical atmosphere and a wide 3D sound stage. However, the most interesting thing is when LS 3/5A plays strings and female vocals – its strengths – it simply makes people reluctant to leave their seats, vowing to hear from the beginning until the very end…”

“The ALTEC A5 has never been paired with EL34 tubes, perhaps it would be a miracle in the making!”

“Right away, those four EL34 tubes on the Cobra were able to bring out effects that could not be achieved by others. The most noticeable improvement was the depth, fullness and bounciness of the low frequencies, especially during the replay of rock and jazz music, which makes the A5 more at ease.”

“The Cobra is definitely an amplifier with unbeatable audio performance for its price…. The A5 is completely tamed by the simple, straightforward Cobra.”

“The Cobra outputs at 28 W on each channel, and it is pure Class A. This is precisely the most compatible output ratio for the LS-3/5a. As soon as we turn the sound on – oh! The 28 W pure Class A output is indeed the golden wattage for the LS 3/5a, and the overall sound effect of these legendary BBC speakers at this very moment, whether it be the balance, calmness, and openness, is simply stunning.”


— Charlie Ma

Audiophile October 2020

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