Audiophile – Editor’s Note
Rogers LS 3/5A 15 Ohms Piano Black Edition

DATE : 20 Apr, 2021
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“The compact-sized LS 3/5A has already become legendary in the audio world. Audiophiles no longer need to argue whether it is worth the money, because as small speakers, they do have a phenomenal appeal that makes you fall in love upon your first listen. Once you have heard the LS 3/5A replay strings and vocals, any stubborn enthusiast will find themselves nodding away, and be temped to buy and “have a go” at these.

“Among the several manufacturers authorized to produce LS 3/5A, Rogers has veritably set the gold standard… The new version of Rogers’ 15 Ohms LS 3/5A is selling so well that the makers are confident to introduce the 15 ohm Piano Black lacquered version, which has a higher production cost, but has shown restrain to keep their pricing reasonable. After listening, I cannot help but announce to the world that among the many versions of LS 3/5A I’ve listened to over several decades, not only does the Rogers 15 ohm Piano Black version maintain the unique tone and emotions of the LS 3/5A, its mid and low frequencies are as explosive and powerful as floor speakers. In a word, this is the most explosive model of LS 3/5A. It took half a century after the birth of the basic design of the LS 3/5A for the pair of Piano Black lacquered speakers to fully display its full explosive power and magnanimous glory.”

“Andy Whittle was the head of Rogers’ engineering department early on. He is a hi-fi fiend himself, and fully understands the tastes and requirements of audiophiles. After returning to Rogers, he took charge of the production process of the traditional wood veneer version of the 15 Ohm speakers. It goes without saying that this time round, with Whittle overseeing the production and tuning process of the LS 3/5A Piano Black lacquered speakers, their sound quality are guaranteed.”

“After the Rogers Piano Black speakers played music, I realize the LS 3/5As that used to play here in the past, although their audio effect sounds like big speakers, there has never been a rock-cutting explosiveness and full mid range that can compare with the Rogers Piano Black speakers. Rogers Piano Black LS 3/5A are unique. With its grand sound stage and explosiveness, the LS 3/5A Piano Black has become the LS 3/5A with the highest ever hi-fi score!”


– Y. K. Chan
Audiophile – April 2021

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