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Rogers 15 Ohms LS 3/5A Piano Black Edition

DATE : 10 Feb, 2021
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“…Simply spectacular! I believe there is no better term to describe this pair of Rogers 15 ohm LS 3/5A Piano Black edition at the moment…”

“It has been said that the LS 3/5A is best suited to tube amplifiers, but from my experience, when it is properly matched with transistor amps, not only is the sound equally pleasant, but it also pops with a pleasant surprise! …It turns out the LS 3/5A can also be used with transistor amps, and the amps with small footprint made in the UK are the most compatible.

“This reissued edition of ‘Little Rogers’ now fills the listening room with the unique sound and charm of the vintage Rogers 15 Ohms. When the LS 3/5A replays the sound of the violin – its best known forte – its sound can truly be described as the world’s best!”

“’Little Rogers’ Piano Black Edition is even more stunning. When these piano-black lacquered speakers were paired with Audio Note’s Cobra [integrated amp] with Class A 28W golden output wattage, as soon as the amplifier was turned on, the elegant and poignant vocals simply make you fall in love at first song…”

“As soon as I turned on the sound, I couldn’t help but yelp aloud, simply because the sound was so full, so airy and open, with a heft to the piano, and a crispness to the pianist pressing its keys. It was as though an equally black and bright concert piano was sitting right in front of me! Followed then by Tsai Qin’s smooth and familiar vocals, singing ever so affectionately…”


– Charlie Ma

Audiophile  February 2021

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