Audiophile – Listening Chapter Roksan K3 Integrated Amp – Good Choice for Pushing Rogers LS3/5A

DATE : 29 Apr, 2019
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“The ability to push the Rogers LS3/5A speakers’ sizzling sound is the measure of a good quality integrated amplifier.”

“What’s surprising is that with the Roksan K3 integrated amp driving the LS3/5A speakers, it has created an unexpected momentum!”

“[Rogers] has performed beyond one’s expectations of small speakers, because it creates a high-density sound field, in which the band’s presence crescendos and becomes very strong. At the same time, the bass guitar and drum rolls come alive with power, both in weight and elasticity…

After listening to the Roksan K3, I learned that it is a good choice for pairing with a high-powered transistor amplifier, especially with its memorable strong low frequencies! ”


Audiophile – April 2019

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