Audiotechnique – A Classic Reborn – Rogers Classic LS 3/5A 15 ohm speakers

DATE : 30 Jan, 2020
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Rogers, having produced over 50,000 pairs of LS3 / 5A, understands that many audiophiles around the world still have a huge demand for these holy grail speakers. They therefore decided to re-issue the earlier version of LS3 / 5A with the original specifications of 15 ohm resistance. They carefully selected the best materials and fine-tuned their artisanal manufacturing processes to reproduce this original milestone, officially dubbing it the ‘Rogers Classic LS3 / 5A 15 ohm Loudspeakers’.”

“In terms of the speaker units, other than the reissued B110 mid- and low-frequency units that followed the original specs, highly durable Bextrene was added to strengthen the 138mm polymer unit. The new 19mm polyester membrane tweeter also follows the original T27 specifications, to which a thin Kraft Nomex voice coil is added. The crossover is made of pure copper foil fibreglass printed circuit board, and a capacitor with high current transmission capacity. All contacts are soldered with sterling silver, and even the speaker socket is silver-plated. It can be said that this level of production for LS3 / 5A has never been as sophisticated.”

“The Rogers Classic LS3 / 5A 15 ohm version is based on the original version, and are paired by hand. Since it uses better materials than ever before, the sound sustains Rogers’ traditional style. At high and low frequencies, especially the low ones, there is further expansion and faster response.”

“Listening to the LS3 / 5A, the vocals are definitely the starring attraction. ⋯⋯ It emits a stunning 3D stereo sound field. One cannot help but to admire the precision of the Rogers Classic LS3 / 5A 15 ohms in its pairing, which can only achieve the above effect with great attention to detail.”

“The piano is powerful, with lively staccatos that are full of texture. The saxophone’s metallic flavour is highlighted, and the occasional strong note is presented with a relaxed and dynamic headroom, a bold and free-spirited attitude.”

“When the sound of Leonid Kogan’s violin appears, it is extremely penetrating. It has a mild dewiness that is then complemented with a full, rich overtone. It is particularly noteworthy that at the speedy legato part, the brushed notes are crisp and exquisite, and the undulation of the bow with varying strength is evident. The high-frequency overtones are so beautiful, it would not be excessive to say they made me “high as a kite”.

“When the symphony orchestra began playing⋯⋯ the grandeur unfolds. You must not underestimate these compact and dynamic pair of Rogers Classic LS3 / 5A 15 ohms bookshelf speakers. The gigantic sound field, and the inestimable low-frequency submersion that come from them was so unbridled ⋯⋯ When the explosive brass and percussion sections played together, it did feel as though we are blasting the sky open with a full orchestra.”

“It was flawless in all aspects of its performance, whether it be balance, cohesiveness, or coherence, leaving no room for criticism.”


– Stephen

Audiotechnique – January 2020

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