Audiotechnique – Equipment Review Audio Note Meishu Line 300B Tonmeister Silver - an everlasting melody that stirs your soul

DATE : 12 Jun, 2020
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Why does Big Grass never veer away from his beloved Audio Note? The reason is very simple, because the poetic and picturesque musical mood and the soul-stirring vocals that make an appearance in his Grass House every night. When you can have this enjoyment in life, what more do you need?”

“The new version of Tonmeister has invested heavily in using Audio Note’s own transformer and capacitor, which means Peter Qvortrup no longer has any concerns about the quality of their components. Exterior appearances of Audio Note equipment cannot be described as sumptuous, not that it ever mattered, for what the old gluttons can’t get enough of are the expensive materials, clever tuning and pairing. ⋯Peter’s monetary investment in component production is unusually significant. He believes in doing business in the long-term, and as long as he thinks it is worthwhile, he will invest at all costs. ”

“But what makes Audio Note’s appeal uniquely irresistible, is that listening to the low frequencies is like being in a surge of waves, ⋯ my entire body is immersed in the music. In addition to feeling submerged in the recording, I also feel that the 300B amplifier made by AN fills the instruments with vitality, or rather, the performer’s dexterity sounds what I often describe as ‘fiercely lively’, ⋯ delivering a full-bodied texture, as if the instrument is playing right in front of you, and it does not sound like anything coming out of a machine.”

“The single-ended Class A 300B amplifier is most alluring. ⋯⋯ As soon as the needle drops on Roman Tam’s “Love Lingers in Voronezh” [performed with the Voronezh State Symphony Orchestra], the intimate vocals are full of humanity, or to put it simply, his alto voice is thick and mellow. Moreover, I felt that Roman Tam sang with his heart, and that sparks flew between him and the orchestra… This machine is more than enough to handle the task, emanating vocals that are both relaxed and dynamic, while staying pure and spotless. After listening to this song, I came to understand how easily the magic of AN moves people. ”

“Once you go with a vacuum tube amplifier, you are on the path of no return. Should you choose AN, you will never turn back! Just as what the Meishu Line 300B Tonmeister Silver gives me is not an impulsive addiction. Its allure is that it makes you forget the time… As Peter puts it earnestly, ‘I am convinced that the only way to make good equipment is by investing money in its components. I never boast about how great my equipment sounds; we only rely on our technical knowledge and having good materials. As long as you make every part well, that is enough!’.”


–        Martin

Audiotechnique – June 2020

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