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Rogers LS3/5A SE – Not Your Average Compact Speaker

DATE : 25 Nov, 2022
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

Rogers LS3/5A SE – Not Your Average Compact Speaker

“After many days of careful testing and audition, this pair of LS3/5A Special Edition gave me a true feeling of musical enjoyment. Listening to vocals and strings, its sound is smooth and sweet without diminishing clarity. The allure of its immensely strong musicality draws you to keep listening on and on. With large-scale orchestral arrangements that come with a large sound stage, [these speakers] not only fully relay the entire musical picture, they can also replay the lines and textures in the bass and percussion section cleanly and neatly, without any blurriness. If your listening area is not large, and your goal is to truly listen to music, rather than chasing after excitement and sensory stimulation, then the Rogers LS3/5A SE is definitely more than capable of delivering a great listening experience.”

– – Big Grass (Lincoln)


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