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Audio Note Sogon USB Cable
The Finishing Touch for Digital Input Sources

DATE : 17 Sep, 2021
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“In Audio Note’s current line-up, only the DAC 0.1x and Cobra multi-function integrated come equipped with a USB audio input. The maker took into account that audiophile users of their devices would also need a USB cable, and so released their Lexus USB cable earlier…. On top of this, the maker also considered that some audiophiles may wish for higher-calibre specifications, so they offer the custom-made Sogon USB cable for enthusiasts to choose from – hence this in-depth review.

The Sogon is second only to the Sootto series in Audio Note’s range of pure silver cables, and naturally, the materials used are meticulously selected. … Simple and unpretentious, [the choice of material] also makes the body of the cable very soft and malleable, which makes it very convenient for cable routing.”

“Once the Sogon USB cable is connected to Player II, compared with generic USB cables, the high notes on the Sogon feel softer, and the sound of the violin is rounder and smoother. The music becomes more elegant and listenable…. After switching to the Sogon USB, the plucked strings on the double bass sound more elastic, with clearer melody lines, and improved low-frequency control. The density of female vocals has increased, and the sound has become more pronounceably soft, and makes for more comfortable listening.”

“After changing to the Sogon USB cable, the same music immediately became lively. I finally understood the value of this USB cable ¾ the Sogon is especially good at bringing out details in its performance, and the environmental reverberations during a performance are particularly realistic, so it can successfully bring about the ambiance in which the music was played. The atmosphere of the performance is immediately brought to the listening room…. Its continuity is outstanding, the melodies play continuously, and it makes people more engaged with the music.”

“The appearance of the Audio Note Sogon USB cable looks very low-key, but its core is made of 99.99% pure silver. Coupled with the uniquely soft and magnificent sound of Audio Note, it is precisely the finishing touch needed to improve the commonly cold and thin sound of digital computer systems. The most important thing is that the Sogon USB cable can make the system sound more dynamic.”

– Bomb Dance

Audiotechnique September 2021

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