Audiotechnique – Listening Chapter –
Rogers Classic LS 5/9 Monitor Speakers Infusing a Classic with State-of-the-Art Technology

DATE : 11 Sep, 2020
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“LS 5/9 has consistent requirements as all the models in the same series: the sound quality must be neutral without any tampering, and the overall audio performance must be stable. The LS 5/9 has therefore long been embraced by the broadcasting industry, by TV stations, professional recording studios and seasoned audiophiles alike.”

“As soon as Daniel Hope starts playing on the 1742 Guarneri “ex-Lipinski” violin, the strength of his bow, the subtle changes in his technique, and the violin’s resonance all appear vividly in the mind’s eye. The lifelike, thick and dewy flavours of the original sound are transporting…. The texture of the sound emanating from the LS 5/9 Classic is relatively rich and transparent, and it is notably more relaxed. The distinctive qualities in the unadulterated sound of the violin are evident.”

“I believe the prospective users of LS 5/9 Classic are lovers of classical music to a certain extent, of which the piano is an indispensable category… LS 5/9 sounds effortless across the entire range, from the lowest note to the highest. Its quality shines especially in the lower-middle ranges… fully engaging the listener’s mind and body.”

“Rebecca Pidgeon’s 45 RPM LP The Raven has in it a track titled Spanish Harlem, which starts with a few flicks of the double bass. Truth be told, given the physical dimensions of LS 5/9 Classic, the low frequencies of the speakers are more than enough for a space of 100 square feet, and its submersion into the low frequencies is excellent. The elasticity of staccato notes is also remarkable. When the vocals make an appearance, Rebecca Pidgeon stands out with her unique feminine allure and her youthful voice…The LS 5/9 Classic combines these elements to create this sense of presence. The audio effect on the whole is full and beautiful, making this niche category of high-fidelity female vocals beloved by audiophiles.”

“One of my own albums that I have to listen to when I come across beautiful equipment is “Six-Eyes Boy” Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue. All Blue, the first track on the B-side, is an improvisation by many famous artists: the “Three Kings”, with Miles Davis on the trumpet; John Coltrane on the tenor saxophone; Bill Evans on the piano; and several other instrumentalists, who created a fresh and sharp picture with sound. Miles and John occasionally burst spit when playing their instruments, which added a lingering sense of presence to this song in the small listening space of yours truly. Flamenco Sketches then completely intoxicated me and made me forget that I was testing out these speakers. ”

“In the final test with the track The Empire March / The Empire Strikes Back from a recent “hot” album, John Williams in Vienna, Williams’ profound skill with conducting on film soundtracks, and the collaboration with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, with its long-established history of playing orthodox classical music, produced unexpected chemistry. This track has a dramatic and powerful spirit, that when interpreted by the orchestra, combines rigidity with softness to create a sumptuous magnificence. With its brilliant sound effect specially during the climax, it is as though the LS 5/9 transmits a special quality that only large, expensive high-end speakers carry – relaxed, calm and steady.”


– Stephen

Audiotechnique Novemenber 2020

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