Audiotechnique – Listening to the legendary compact speakers – the Rogers Classic LS 3/5A 15 ohm

DATE : 10 Feb, 2020
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Having listened carefully for dozens of hours, I cannot deny that these re-issued LS3 / 5As that follow the original specifications indeed have a charisma that cannot be replaced by other bookshelf speakers. First of all, it is spectacular at replaying vocals and strings, ⋯⋯ each and every drop of all the details and expressed emotions can be heard crystal clearly. The continuity and penetration of the music makes one feel extremely immersed.”

“The tense ambiance and majestic momentum created by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in their home concert hall was incredulously faithfully reproduced by this pair of compact speakers in front of me. The spatial relation of each part of the orchestra, the lines and textures of the instruments, the metallic brass section, the background noises in the concert hall, and even the deep and powerful repercussion of the bass drum – all have a very reasonable sound effect. ”

“Vocals coming out of the LS 3 / 5A sound like they are made of flesh and blood, filled with emotions that moves its listeners.”

“To deliver such an unexpected sound at this price point – naturally it deserves a loud round of applause. ⋯⋯ The LS 3 / 5A has consistently won the hearts of many audiophiles over the decades, and it lives up to its legendary reputation.”


–        Big Grass

Audiotechnique – February 2020

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