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Rogers LS3/5A SE – New and Improved!

DATE : 19 Oct, 2022
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

What’s New – Rogers LS3/5A SE – New and Improved!

“The legendary Rogers LS3/5A bookshelf speakers have recently issued a new SE version. This iteration is not just replicating the original, but an enhanced version with improved dynamics and overall audio performance. The most important updates include the speaker box materials, tweeters and woofers – in short, a 360 upgrade! Let’s start with the speaker box. The front baffle of the enhanced speaker is made of Panzerholz, known as a high-density, “bulletproof” wood. Used on the speaker box, its high rigidity reduces resonance and contributes positively to the low frequencies. As for the upgrades to the tweeters and woofers, they can be split into two types: outer and inner. The outer upgrade is a special coating applied to the surface of the diaphragm of the unit, so that the distortion of the diaphragm is minimized when the diaphragm is active, and the frequencies emitted are thus pure and clean. The inner upgrade is the metal support frame of the woofer, which is now coated with a special damping  coating to reduce or even eliminate the ringing vibration. This is followed by a double coating on the unit diaphragm. The first and second coating are applied with a day in between, so that the first coating can completely soak through the diaphragm for the best result. With the upgrade to the unit diaphragm, the low-frequency distribution has also been enhanced with a more audiophilic low-distortion resistor to match the overall effect.”

“Rogers LS3/5A SE is available for listening at Global Audio & Visual Company in Mong Kok, Fans should call for details.”


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