Civil Aid Service Hong Kong Training Centre

DATE : 1 May, 2020
CATEGORY : Systems and Solutions

Elephant has recently completed the installation of Public Address and CCTV systems at the Civil Aid Services’ Hong Kong Training Centre at Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay.

The Civil Aid Service (CAS) is a uniformed and disciplined, government-financed, auxiliary service. The Service has an establishment of 3,769 adult members and 4,032 youths aged 12 to 17. It was formed in 1952 as a wartime-oriented civil defense unit. Since then, it has grown into a multi-tasked auxiliary organisation, capable of undertaking a wide range of emergency duties and helping to relieve the pressure on Hong Kong’s full-time first responders. CAS is required to undertake various duties and provide support to the regular emergency forces and government departments. This year, to help tackle the novel coronavirus pandemic, CAS has been coordinating and managing three quarantine camps set up at the Lady Maclehose Holiday Village and Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp in Sai Kung, as well as the Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village in Chai Wan.

Their Hong Kong Training Centre is a centre for conducting full-time and part-time service training, particularly light rescue and sport climbing training.

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