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2023 Summer Issue
Charlie Ma’s Notes
Testing Notes: Good-Sounding Entry-Level Turntables Audio Note TT-2 Deluxe

DATE : 13 Sep, 2023
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Audio Note’s TT-2 Deluxe is based on Systemdek IIX, upon which its design has been greatly improved. …Take the Arm Two/II for example, tailor-made for the Audio Note, it has a completely different look than the previous generation, so the lines and structure are unique and can only be found here. …It pays more attention in the use of materials and is more precise than the previous generation, both inside and out.”

“The flagship MM [cartridge] IQ III produced by the same maker is undoubtedly the best choice. As Audio Note’s top model, the IQ III not only has a core coil wound with the highest purity copper wire, it also borrows some of the maker’s same technology and materials the MC cartridge IO-I. These include the titanium cantilever and Type 2 diamond tip, which also means that the MM cartridge is on par with the MC cartridge in terms of tracking ability and pickup accuracy. In fact, this is what makes the IQ III special.”

“Since the launch of IQ III, my experience of its sound is that not only does the MM head bring out a strong mid-frequency texture, but it also has the delicate analytic ability and dense high-frequency extension of the MC cartridge. It can be said that the IQ III has the best of both… Moreover, Audio Note has done a great job with its original factory set up. It is literally ”plug and play”, when you bring it home, its sound is good to go!”

– Charlie Ma
HiFi Bible


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