HiFi Bible
2023 Summer Issue
Charlie Ma’s Notes
Testing Notes: Simple is Beautiful – Pushing Altec A5 with Audio Note Conqueror Silver

DATE : 13 Sep, 2023
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“…… When the Conqueror Silver is turned on, what is transmitted from the Altec A5 is an exquisite sound that tugs your heartstrings, especially the thickness and smoothness of the mid and mid-to-low frequencies…”

“The Conqueror has always been Audio Note’s pure 300B power amp masterpiece, and the Silver is one of its premium versions.”

“The Conqueror’s distinctive slender appearance and valve structure were once a target of imitation by many makers of amplifiers in Mainland China and DIY enthusiasts.”

“Among today’s Hi-End amplifier manufacturers, it can be said that Audio Note is the maker that has best brought the Wester Electric 300B ‘Dream Tube’ to new heights.”

– Charlie Ma
HiFi Bible


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