HiFi Review – Audio Note AN-K Lx

DATE : 22 May, 2019
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“A pure Class A vacuum tube integrated amp. With an output of only 9 to 10W (each channel with two EL84 single-ended tubes in parallel), it is already enough to drive the AN-K/Lx speakers like a pair of tigers, whilst retaining the subtle nuances…”

“…To smoothly bring out the texture and details of various bass instruments, there cannot be any mistakes with speed, analytical power, volume, and continuation to other frequency ranges in order to achieve this effect.”

“The positioning of the AN-K/LX is not at all difficult, if you place them next to the wall, then toe-in the unit so it points directly towards your listening position and adjust the three-frequency components accordingly. It’s as simple as that to achieve a sound field that doesn’t fully recede yet gives you enough depth to hear the symphony orchestra’s sound both in front and at the back.”


“This Audio Note combination is rich but not fat, carries a warm sound without feeling heavy, is dynamic with speed, analytical prowess and vitality. It can play different types of music with contagious emotion – the kind of appeal that makes you listen, which is a complete surprise.”


HiFi Review – May 2019

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