HiFi Review – Editor’s Note
Reference Speaker Cable Compatible with Any Brand, Any Model

DATE : 24 Jun, 2022
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Over the past decade, we’ve tried out hundreds of different types of equipment and cabling setups using the Audio Note ISIS LX 168 as our reference speaker cable for the big listening room. ⋯ The LX 168 gets stronger and stronger with every use scenario, and constantly surprises us with delight. This pure copper speaker cable turns out to be so powerful, bringing us good sound and good listening.”

“All the lead writers of this publication regard the LX 168 as an indispensable tool for testing equipment in our big listening room. It seems that without the LX 168, our reviews do not seem accurate, and we are not confident enough to vouch for the true strength of the product being reviewed! ‘The true power of a horse is tested with long distences’. After ten years of experience with countless tests, the LX 168 has proved itself in that it does not have an obvious lingering character. It can match a variety of large, medium and small speakers, and it can create a big scene with its presence.”

“If I have to choose a ‘universal’ speaker cable, I would nominate the Audio Note ISIS LX 168 on behalf of this magazine!”

– Sam Ho
HiFi Review 2022.07

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