HiFi Review – Market Trend – The Origin of Elephant Holdings, from 1946 to the Present

DATE : 11 May, 2021
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

Once Upon a time, a Long Long Timg Ago –

In 1888, the world’s first ever motion picture, Roundhay Garden Scene, was released; in 1900, the first projected sound film was screened in Paris. Hong Kong’s first cinema, the Bijou Scenic Theatre

opened in 1910; and the world’s first movie with synchronized sound The Jazz Singer debuted in 1923.

Not so long ago –

Mr. Norman Fook-Cheung Li graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1938, and in 1940, Mr. Li served as the recording sound engineer on the album of the famous Cantonese opera singer Mr. Sit Kok-Sin, and had the record pressed with RCA Victor. In 1946, Mr. Li established Elephant Radio in Hong Kong, as a distributor and vendor of cinema equipment from all over the world, and he was therefore regarded as a key figure in the development of Hong Kong cinema, and a pioneer in the field of audio-visual equipment after World War II.

Elephant continues to grow and develop its business, from the original realm of cinema projection and audio equipment, to the distribution and design consultation of commercial audio-visual and public address equipment, which then subsequently extends into the distribution and sales of home audio-video equipment.

Impact on Audiophiles –

Over the years, Elephant has brought numerous European and American brands of audio products to audiophiles in Hong Kong. Now they are mainly focused on Audio Note, Einstein, Rogers, Roksan and WBT.

The headquarters of Elephant have been completely refurbished in 2021, and the new showroom with two large and one small listening rooms have been rebuilt. The acoustic quality of the rooms have also been further improved upon while still maintaining its original British elegance. Not only is the refurbished space visually more spacious and open, but the ability to enjoy beautiful music and appreciate the audio performance has also improved markedly.

On top of this, a display area for antique audio-visual equipment has been added, so that you can experience the history in-situ –  See it! Smell it? The story of Elephant Holdings.

Elephant’s brand new yet classically elegant display and listening room, with more vintage vibes – have you visited yet?

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