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Do you need to interpret changes in details and delicate emotions? – Audio Note TT-3 turntable

DATE : 19 Mar, 2021
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Peter Qvortrup at the helm of Audio Note used to put most of his attention on the design related to sound performance. Now, there are more minimalist aesthetic elements added to the shape of the TT-3. There is in fact, no conflict between form and function. There is a beauty without compromising the performance, and no extra decoration. This is a truly a minialist design.”

“The three motors set in an equilateral triangle arrangement on the base of the TT-3, surround the turntable at equal intervals. This not only makes the pulling force more even, the turntable is in turn more centered and runs more stably; this configuration is also conducive to smoother and more efficient rotation with a direct drive. Matching motors that work precisely together again increases the difficulty. It allegedly took the makers a long time to find a product from a German motor manufacturer that meets Audio Note’s strict requirements.”

“Vincent Bélanger’s Pure Cello was played on this TT-3. First and foremost, I reckon the sound of the cello should have a rough texture, and I could feel it here! I could feel the movement of the bow! The emotions from his interpretation tugged my heartstrings, and the musical appeal made me want to keep listening and enjoy it time and again. I felt all these affective sensations!

“The changes in details, along with the abundance of information, the colour and chiaroscuro in the imagery from the sound, along with the changes in strength and sound quality at different listening distances, are vivid and have clear contrast.”

– River Chan

HiFi Review – Apr 2021

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