HiFi Review – Rogers LS3/5A Bookshelf Speakers – 100% British-made

DATE : 7 Aug, 2019
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Andy Whittle deliberately obtained the Rogers Classic blueprint drawings for the re-launch of this ‘new old product’, which uses more premium materials for this most authentic reiteration of the Rogers LS3/5A!”

“The Rogers LS3/5A I heard this time round is the least obvious one, which meant it has the softest sound, the most moderate, the most natural and the most realistic reflection of human vocals.”

“Its three-dimensionality, the power of its beats, its refreshing clearness, and sensitivity are definitely attractive. Although its low-frequency response is restrained, it does not mean that its sound is not appealing. ⋯Rogers LS3/5A sounded completely out-of-the-box, its unboxed sound is fascinating.”

“The performance of its soundstage became more defined and detailed after positioning, and the density of vocals became more pronounced and the changes more nuanced and abundant.”


HiFi Review – August 2019

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