HiFi Review – Test Report
A Gift for Vocals, a Masterpiece for Strings, Super Three-Dimensional! Rogers LS5/9 Bookshelf Speakers

DATE : 9 Dec, 2020
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Eason Chan’s strength in telling stories with his vocals, when replaying his album Stranger Under My Skin on the LS5/9, his agility in changing his voice, the weight, smooth- and roughness, breathing, pauses and tone, joy, elation, sadness, sorrow and anger all come out fully expressed. The unaltered emotions are especially easy for listeners to immerse themselves into his lyrics. The Rogers LS5/9 in front of me relayed his ability to use his vocals without missing a beat, it was able to replay such a brilliant performance, and an unparalleled sound stage in stereo!”

“The impressive 3D stereo sound stage emitted from the classic and no-frills wood veneer cabinet is one of the strengths of LS5/9. … The strengths of the LS5/9 are more suited to our listening room at nearly 150 square foot. The sound stage ratio was widened by the back wall behind the speakers at about 15 feet wide, and when placed at different positions away from the wall, the sound illustrates the depth rushing out from the back wall behind the speakers. Seated in the same exact position in this space as many times before, this time round, I heard the greatest depth, clearest positioning, and the strongest three-dimensional sound experience!”

“The vocals of Peter, Paul & Mary in In These Times are light, agile and full of depth. The positioning of the three singers and two guitars can be drawn out in space. The guitar strings were plucked vigorously, filled with an energetic high pitch!”

“For the original soundtrack of the movie In the Mood for Love… this time was the clearest and most detailed I have ever heard! In soundtrack of the movie Happy Together, Tracks 2, 4, and 6 were recorded live at the time as improvised street performances. The positioning of the instruments is the most three-dimensional I’ve heard on this album, and it also has the strongest musical expression this time. The noises in the live recordings made me feel as though I am on the streets and restaurants of Buenos Aires. which instantly makes this album great!”

“The LS5/9 is very sensitive to the details in each recording. The sound stage whether deep or shallow, three-dimensional or flat, strong or weak, rich or simple, is presented in full detail.”


– Jena

HiFi Review January 2021

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