Tube World Monthly – Audio Note DAC 2.1x decoder – The More You Play With It, The Better It Gets

DATE : 24 Jun, 2019
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“When the DAC 2.1x converter is paired with different CD transports of various tiers and styles, the experience turns out to be full of endless surprises. Its versatile performance and compatibility with different models and brands is worth taking note.”

“The DAC 2.1x is one of Audio Note’s evergreen models in digital audio equipment.  It embodies Audio Note’s naturalistic approach with digital audio, and their core belief in not altering the sound. In short, everything comes au natrel with full flavour.”

“As mentioned above with regards to Audio Note’s unique treatment of CD players, it is clear that the naturalism, clarity and simplicity emanating [from their equipment] is consistent with that of vintage audio systems. Therefore, when the DAC 2.1x plays together with vintage audio systems, from the get-go, their sound is one and the same with a higher density and thicker, richer texture⋯⋯ Regardless of whether you are an admirer of vintage audio systems, or are already using them, I can fully recommend this combination of Audio Note CDT Two / II transport with the DAC 2.1x decoder. ”

“Pleasant surprises when the DAC 2.1x is paired with ATC CD2 –

The amount of information, analytical capability and musicality from the CD2 comes across as rich as ever. That said, with the help of the vacuum tubes in the DAC 2.1x, the airiness and smoothness from the CD2 have improved… proving that the DAC 2.1x decoder works just as well when improving the signal fed from other brands.”

– Charlie Ma

Tube World Monthly – June 2019

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