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Featured Recommendations – Why Rogers LS 3/5A?

DATE : 9 Sep, 2022
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

Featured Recommendations – Why Rogers LS 3/5A?

“Why? Explain to me how can the design of a shoebox-sized, square-shaped, ordinary bookshelf speaker last for decades? What I’m talking about is the legendary BBC LS 3/5A monitor speakers … Back in 1975, Rogers was the first to obtain the BBC’s (British Broadcasting Corporation) authorization to mass produce the LS 3/5A, which then became the originator of the legendary LS 3/5A.”

“It seems to me the most important reason why the legend of LS 3/5A lives on, is that the originators’ hearts were in the right place, and the designers were the top talent at the time. The generations that followed also insisted on not changing the original specifications, and strived to maintain its original design, just like Rogers has always insisted on producing the original classic LS 3/5A with 15Ω impedance. … This makes the LS 3/5A stand up to the test of time in both sound and appearance. The sound is pleasant to the ear and you can listen to it for a long time; its shape is simple and not easily outdated. Its compact size at 30 x 19 x 16.5cm takes up little space and makes it unobtrusive, thus making it easier to integrate into your life.”

“At the host’s home in this space that’s just the right size, in which the small LS 3/5A have been properly matched and placed, not only did I hear an extraordinary interpretation of songs from the golden age of George Lam, where each one narrated a story, I also heard the fullness, transparency and complete melodic lines in Isabelle Faust’s violin. I could feel the quiet and flowing spirit in the interpretation of Hélène Grimaud’s piano in Water.”

“The little Rogers LS 3/5A allows me to hear all kinds of tones and contrasts in various instruments, all the meanwhile reproducing in proportion the entire structure of the orchestra in my ears, which is indeed remarkable!  …These bookshelf speakers get everything just right, integrating into life and letting listeners appreciate music at a high calibre. They definitely make a good reference for fellow audiophiles!”

– River Chan
HiFi Review

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