The Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

DATE : 24 Apr, 2023
CATEGORY : Systems and Solutions

Elephant recently completed the replacement of audio-visual and simultaneous interpretation systems in the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre (HDC). Located in Kowloon Park and once the site of the British Army’s Whitfield Barracks, the Centre is housed in two old barrack blocks likely built in the late 1890s. The barracks were handed over in stages in 1967 to the government for redevelopment as a cultural and leisure venue, and the site eventually opened to the public in 1970 as Kowloon Park. The barrack blocks were previously used as temporary premises of the Hong Kong Museum of History and were restored in 2003 by the Antiquities and Monuments Office, then subsequently developed into HDC in 2005. The Centre is now used for heritage education and publicity, and it is home to a permanent exhibition gallery, thematic exhibition gallery, lecture hall, educational activity rooms and reference library.

The new AV system enables the end users to live-cast and record lectures, panel discussions and meetings taking place in the HDC’s lecture hall, conference room and activity room.


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