The Tube World Monthly – Unforgettable – Audio Note TT-TWO DELUXE Turntable

DATE : 28 Feb, 2019
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“[The TT-Two Deluxe’s] blueprint came from the once-revered Systemdek IIX. Vast improvements have also been made.”

“With the TT-Two Deluxe for example, Peter [Qvortrup] gave it a birch plywood chassis, the same kind as on the AN-E SPe HE SE Sig speakers. Not only did this unprecedently enhance the aesthetics of this mid-market turntable, the premium birch ply also improved the acoustics. The TT-Two Deluxe also has another strategic improvement with its use of twin motors.”

“No expenses are spared on [the Arm Two V2] and it was custom-made from scratch in a precision metal workshop in Austria… As with what Audio Note is renowned for, the tonearm wires and connectors are made from pure silver. All in all, the Arm Two/II has put more emphasis inside and out on its use of materials and its precision than the last model.“

“[The TT-Two Deluxe] delivers a more open, transparent and smooth sound in terms of its spaciousness, airiness and the texture of string instruments than its previous model. When it plays vocals, whether it is the breadth and depth in the voice, or the changes in phonetics, the sound is solid yet refined in its details. When the music explodes, the momentum and dynamics take over the room in a way that surpasses all that has been done before.”

“The IQ III has adapted some of the IO I’s technology and materials from Audio Note’s Moving Coil (MC) cartridge, such as the titanium tube and the Type 2 diamond stylus tip. This implies the Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge can achieve the same level of excellence as the MC cartridge, be it its tracking ability or the precision in its pickup. […] Not only does it carry the rich mid-frequencies that the MM cartridge delivers, it also shows off the analytical ability of the MC cartridge, and its continuous extension in the high frequencies, so you get the best of both worlds. […] The IQ III also saves you from the trouble of installing the step-up transformer for the MC cartridge. For the audiophiles who have a budget, this may be a good choice.”

– Charlie Ma


The Tube World Monthly – February 2019

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