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Simpatico – Driving Rogers LS5/9 Speakers with Quad 44/405
Beaming with British Enchantment

DATE : 3 Aug, 2020
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Pairing the Quad 405 / 405.2 to drive the LS3/5A was a fairly popular combination back [in the 1970’s and 80’s], and the Quad 405 was one of the few transistor amplifiers that could push the LS3/5A to show its full glory.”

“It was worth trying the LS5/9 from the same Rogers BBC monitor speaker series with this vintage transistor amplifier from the 1970’s/80’s… Other than the Quad 44/405, the other input source was the Roksan Blak CD player. Who knew with the 100W drive on each of the channel of the Quad 405, the texture of the sound coming from the LS 5/9’s was just as delicate and airy. If I didn’t see the Quad 44/405  transistor amplifier with my own eyes and only listened with my ears, it sounds exactly the same as a vacuum tube amp! When the violin starts playing, the emotive sound that tugs one’s heartstrings puts the emphasis on the all-rounded aspect of the LS5/9. The explosive, dynamic section of musical arrangements is literally showtime for the LS5/9……”

“Rogers LS5/9 uses its more comprehensive audio effect to play to the strengths of the BBC mid-sized monitor speakers.”


–        Charlie Ma

Tube World Monthly  July 2020

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