2023 Winter Issue
HiFi Bible – Charlie Ma’s Notes
Testing Notes: Audio Note AX-Two II Speakers

DATE : 9 Feb, 2024
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“When I listened to AN-E/SPe HE SE SIG, I used the same maker’s M6 pre-amplifier and Jinro power amplifier to drive it. …The density of the sound was obviously several times richer than anything I heard before. For instruments such as the saxophone, guitar, the openness of their sound is so broad that if you were to close your eyes, you would think there was a pair of large horn speakers in the room. When human vocals appeared, the texture was thick and solid as if the singer was standing in front of you, but the most precious thing was the singer’s invested emotions, which made people want to listen to the whole song until the end…”

“The AX-Two model has recently been vastly improved by the factory. It has become ‘taller, stronger, and more muscular’ on the whole, and it is now produced in an Austrian factory that specialises in high-end speakers.”

“Paired with Audio Note’s Cobra EL34 integrated amplifier that I am familiar with, the sound density is even richer, and the smoothness and naturalness of the sound is simply outstanding. Simplicity is beauty…”

– Charlie Ma
HiFi Bible
2023 Winter Issue


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