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Elephant Holdings Limited has been a leading expert and provider of luxury high-end audio systems in Hong Kong for more than 30 years. We are committed to representing only the very finest manufacturers of audio and Hi-Fi equipment. The world renowned brands we distribute include Audio NoteEinsteinRoksan and WBT; our premium product range is recognised as one of the best for those who wish to enjoy the finest musical reproduction at home. Elephant Holdings takes great pride in the personalised and tailored after-sale services offered to our High-End Audio customers. Our extensive portfolio of repeat customers is a testament to the effectiveness and quality of the services we provide. We cordially invite you to bring your own music to our showroom in Wanchai and experience the stunning sounds sought after by all music lovers and audiophiles. Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.



From small artisanal handmade components, transformers, cables to vacuum tube amplifiers and loudspeakers, Audio Note specialises in creating the finest audio products that reproduce a deeply emotive musical message.

Audio Note’s CD Player 4.1X, and M6 Line Signature preamplifier each respectively received the 2017 and 2015 Products of the Year award from Hi-Fi Review magazine in Hong Kong.

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Each and every Einstein component has the same goal: delivering a live music performance from a concert hall or recording studio into your living room. All Einstein components are designed and produced in Germany with advanced technology and quality.

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Designed and manufactured in Britain, Roksan’s award-winning products range from amplifiers to CD players. Certified with CE and UL marks, Roksan products are known for their outstanding performance and durability.

Roksan’s BLAK Integrated Amplifier has been awarded “Best Stereo Amplifier of the Year 2017” by What Hi-fi? in the premium category, and also “Best Stereo Integrated Amplifier of the Year 2017” by AVTech media in the U.K.

Style, performance and function – giving best value for money.

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WBT sets new industry standards in developing simple and high-quality connectors. All WBT products are manufactured in-house in Germany, offering the best interface for signal transfer between audio components.

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