Audiophile 35th anniversary special
The Best Equipment from the Past Year
W. K. Wong’s Choice:
Rogers LS 5/9 Speakers
Audio Note CD 5.1x CD Player

DATE : 13 Apr, 2021
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

Rogers LS 5/9 Speakers

“The reissued version of LS 5/9 has outstanding balance, a thick and plump mid-range, sturdy low-frequencies and a speedy response. Because of its strong monitoring ability, other components to be paired with the LS5/9 should also have excellent performance.”

Audio Note CD 5.1x CD Player

“There is no fashionable USB input, neither any streaming and wireless functions, nor does it support SACD format, and the decoding specification is not even the highest standard nowadays, but this Audio Note CD 5.1x has made many audiophiles “buy once they try”! The sound of the CD 5.1x is indeed stunningly beautiful, it is so natural and smooth, and the melodic atmosphere is so harmonious that one cannot stop. It sounds similar to the most advanced record players. Even if you can only listen to CDs, the beautiful sound is still intoxicating!”

– W. K. Wong

Audiophile March 2021

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