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Audio Note CD 4.1x Vacuum Tube CD Player

DATE : 28 Oct, 2021
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Looking around today’s market, who are the high-end brands that still insist on traditional CD replay, and use distinctive design concepts and sound tuning techniques? The result made me think of Audio Note’s CD-4.1x that I tested before.”

“Audio Note have added many supplementary components to the CD-4.1x, including copper foil-in-oil capacitors, tantalum resistors, sterling silver internal signal cables…etc. They also used independent adapters for the transport and the decoding circuit. That said, what matters more to yours truly about the CD-4.1x is that its power supply has been designed with meticulous care, especially the decoding part…. because of the quality of the power supply has always been critical to the sound calibration of digital equipment. In addition, Audio Note also clearly stated that they have made precise adjustments to the clock coupling between the digital-to-analog circuits in the CD-4.1x, which naturally is key to improving the overall sound effect.”

“In addition to its detailed analytical power, what impressed me deeply about the CD-4.1x is that it has the same natural smoothness and exciting dynamics as replaying LP vinyl records. No matter what type of music it plays, it holds people’s attention to listen carefully…The undertones of its sound still delivers Audio Note’s consistently strong musicality, as well as a melodious airiness, and a warm and thick texture especially when it comes to male and female vocals,…”

“The CD-4.1x does not merely faithfully replays classical music, when it comes to large instrumental arrangements, the sound field is more relaxed and wide, the intonations are more natural and smooth, and the details conveyed with crystal-clear clarity!”

“This machine is the mainstay of Audio Note’s integrated CD players, so when people mention that ‘CDs are here to stay for a while’, the CD-4.1x naturally reminds you of this. …The CD-4.1x is great for its analytical, musical and rhythmic sensabilities. …As the saying goes, one has to play with their hi-fi to fulfil its high-fidelity. By re-trying Audio Note’s CD-4.1x integrated CD player today, not only does it fully attest to this statement, it also once again confirms that CDs are here to last!”

Charlie Ma
Audiophile 2021.10

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