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Once You Start, You Can’t Stop – Audio Note IO Limited MC Moving Coil Pickup

DATE : 30 Nov, 2021
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Any audiophile, once they have had the opportunity to listen to this type of excited magnet loudspeaker system that belongs to the last century, they will be unexpectedly drawn to its constant and vivid sense of musicality.”

“…On the surface, the excited magnet may seem primitive, but behind it is a rigorous and accurate operation system that uses meticulously selected materials, which naturally makes for a more positive sound restoration process…. Audio Note’s flagship MC cartridge, the IO Limited, is a great example of an excited magnet in use!”

“That kind of endless musical sense is precisely what makes excited magnets unique… Taken from the past and applied to the present, the original MC design shines with unusual brilliance!”

Charlie Ma
Audiophile 2021.11

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