Choi Wing Road Sports Centre, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

DATE : 1 Jun, 2022
CATEGORY : Systems and Solutions

Elephant has recently completed the installation of audio-visual systems at the newly completed Choi Wing Road Sports Centre.

Completed in December 2021, Choi Wing Road Sports Centre is located in Choi Fook Estate Phase III in Kwun Tong. The Sports Centre provides a wide range of leisure facilities for hiring by individuals and organisations during opening hours.

The facilities include: a multi-purpose arena which can be used as two basketball courts, volleyball courts, or eight badminton courts; two dance rooms; one table tennis room that accommodates up to eight table tennis tables; a fitness gym; and a 350m2 children’s play room.

The newly installed systems will enable staff to inform the public of upcoming programs via promotional videos, make live announcements during events and competitions in designated areas with wireless mics.

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