HiFi Review – Audio Note Meishu Line 300B Tonmeister Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier – Strong bass when played quietly; Vivid when played loudly

DATE : 13 Dec, 2019
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“⋯⋯ These [AN-E SPe HE speakers] are able to create a satisfying bass and an exciting, strong dynamic contrast, so that the 300B integrated amp is not limited to playing vocals or classical chamber music. Even the replay of large symphonies is on point and can re-create the strong momentum, dynamic contrast, and the full sense of scale of the orchestra. In comparison to the same type of products on the market, the Meishu Line 300B Tonmeister is the most outstanding 300B integrated amplifier I have listened to. Without a doubt, the AN-E SPe HE speakers make the perfect partner for it. ”

“The Meishu Line 300B Tonmeister’s dynamic contrast is truly powerful. I couldn’t have imagined the 8-watt output would have such high-density, uninterrupted, magnificent power. Listening to this song made me realize the AN-E SPe HE speakers make Audio Note’s new 300B amplifier sound as natural as a fish swimming vivaciously in water. ”

“To truly hear Audio Note, one must learn to appreciate the artistic intention and moods in the music, instead of focusing on the technical sound fidelity. This should deepen your understanding of the music.”



HiFi Review – December 2019

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