HiFi Review – Editor-in-Chief’s Recommendations Einstein The Clou

DATE : 12 Jun, 2019
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“As described by the manufacturer, the audio point source has the smoothness and synchronicity similar to that of a full range unit. Vocals sound simple and straightforward – there is no boxed sound, which in the song Li Xianglan makes me feel it is as though the songstress Lin Yilian’s voice and her feelings are whispering directly into my ear…”

“The sense of space and the concert hall sound was pleasantly surprising!”

“…When Dav Koz was on the saxophone with a Big Band in The Pink Panther [on the album] At the Movies, you can fully feel the dynamics of the sax, its metallic tremor and melody, as well as the movement and ups and downs in the Big Band sound. Even when the music suddenly pops with a bit of excitement and ambiance, The Clou manages to express it all!”

“Even when we play Riccardo Chailly conducting the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig in Brahms Symphony No. 1, it does not faze The Clou at all.”

”This is a pleasant listening experience – one completely without pressure, where you can fully enjoy all sorts of musical experiences. If you switched off all the lights and listened to the music in the dark, it would have been even more enjoyable! If we were to conduct a cruel blind test, The Clou would certainly keep many people guessing!”


HiFi Review – June 2019

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