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An Upgrade Shortcut for Pre-Amplifier Users

DATE : 21 Jul, 2023
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“I favour the tube preamp made by Audio Note because it has a strong sense of musical liveliness, the sound is vivid, natural, pleasing to the ear and without exaggeration… Someone who appreciates Audio Note’s tube preamp must be a friend who really enjoys listening to music. … Audio Note’s premium tube preamplifier can also reproduce the original tones and textures of these instruments with high fidelity. The more high-end the model, the more silver components it uses, and the more transparent and delicate the sound; the bigger power supply circuit also makes the sound more powerful.”

“Audio Note M5 Line’s strength lies in its ability to reproduce the dynamic effects of the vocalist, pushing from the softest sotto voce to the most explosive passion instantaneously.”

– Sam Ho
HiFi Review


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