Tube World Monthly – Audio Note Jinro and M2 join hands to tame Pioneer TAD 2402, bringing big horn speakers to life

DATE : 24 Feb, 2020
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“…With the assistance of the heroic duo, the Audio Note Jinro amp and M2 pre-amp, yours truly was finally able to tame the TAD 2402, which has quite a bit of temper!”

[Small power amps cannot push the TAD 2402]

“Pushed by the Jinro and M2 duo, the performance [of the speakers] far exceeded their physical volume. What caught my attention first was their relatively high sound density, which allowed me to pull the left and right speakers wider to create a larger stereo sound field…”

“Musical instruments were as powerful as the vocals. Even the sound of the audience’s cheers carried real weight, making the mis-en-scene feel more intense. ⋯⋯ With the push from the Jinro and M2, the sound from TAD 2402 blasted beautifully.”

–        Li Chi Wai

Tube World Monthly February 2020

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