Tube World Monthly – Cover Story – Audio Note Meishu 300B, the King of Integrated Amplifiers

DATE : 20 Apr, 2020
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“…I can be certain that Audio Note’s 300B vacuum tube integrated amplifier is unparalleled, be it its sound effect, its design or its use of materials, and it is the cream of the crop in the market!”

“Amongst today’s high-end makers of vacuum tube amplifiers, Audio Note may be the most exemplary champion of Western Electric’s 300B “dream tube”, and this is evident in their latest creation, the Meishu Line 300B Tonmeister amplifier.”

“The input and driver stage of the Tonmeister Line has been modified, where one single 12AU7 valve now drives one 5687 valve, a combination that is derived from the brand’s Ongaku and Jinro series. …Other than the input, the circuitry of the Tonmeister carries the same “simple is beautiful” principle. …Although the Tonmeister Line’s input and power source have been simplified, another key feature, the 300B’s inter-stage transformer has been specially concocted with heavyweight materials for the best energy transfer.”

“The Tonmeister Line has an extremely broad range and musical tolerance, and its sound flows as fluidly and coherently as running water and moving clouds. This is a remarkable improvement over any previous model of Meishu.”


–       Charlie Ma
Tube World Monthly – April 2020

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