Tsuen Wan District Council, Home Affairs Department, New Territories

DATE : 14 Jul, 2023
CATEGORY : Systems and Solutions

Elephant recently completed the replacement of audio-visual, simultaneous interpretation and voting systems at the Tsuen Wan District Council for the Home Affairs Department (HAD).

The Tsuen Wan District Council has 21 seats. The Council has various working groups and committees focusing on a wide array of district matters such as:
• Finance and in-house matters;
• Wet market planning and development;
• Urban greening solutions research;
• District development, planning, economic development, community halls, sports and recreational facilities;
• Environmental protection, environmental improvement, public health and food safety;
• Integrated community services, community education, care for the elderly, rehabilitation and community advocacy;
• Strategic promotion of recreational, art and cultural activities
• Development of facilities for pedestrians and public transport services’
• Traffic safety education and promotion.
• Audit committee.

The new AV, simultaneous interpretation and voting systems enable the end users to comprehensively record meetings taking place in the District Council conference room.

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