Tube World Monthly – Taming Horn Speakers with an Entry-Level Integrated Amplifiier – Audio Note OTO Line SE

DATE : 22 Jun, 2020
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“⋯⋯ With the Audio Note OTO Line SE integrated amp, you can effortlessly make the presence of your horn speakers felt.”

“⋯⋯ Since the launch of the EL 84 valve, the amplifiers that use it have all worked in the push-pull mode. Although this valve is small in size, its power is not at all tepid, and the overall sound balance is good. When it meets a speaker with compatible efficiency, its voicing is often more pleasing than its big brother’s, the EL 34 valve.”

“⋯⋯ The OTO has no stage fright. It attracted my attention first with a round and smooth sound of the piano, followed by a rich resonance filled with a wooden flavour from within the piano’s soundboard. Although the EL 84 is a compact pentode valve, at this very moment it emits a superior sound than larger pentodes; it almost sounds more like a triode valve.”

“⋯⋯ The OTO sings when it comes to its artistry with vocals⋯ its mid-frequencies continue to perform well. The voice of Queen [Ella Fitzgerald] is dewy, warm and pure, and it carries its weight. The OTO’s style is subtle, and this tendency extends to low frequencies. The flavour of tendony strings in the double bass is just right, and it is more elegant. ⋯⋯ The OTO can be gentle and subtle, yet it can also be full of vitality. OTO is indeed well done with great malleability.”

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