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Roksan Attessa Turntable
Luxury Turntable with a Smart Design

DATE : 14 Jan, 2022
CATEGORY : High-end Audio

“Having been in contact with hi-fi equipment for many years, I believe that any product must carry special features or technical highlights – Even Plug and Play components can create elaborate effects. The main selling point of the Attessa turntable is its iconic smart design. Every part of the turntable has its own distinctive feature, the most obvious being the tonearm, followed by the inner and outer turntables, and the composite material structure. It goes without saying, the phono stage is also very important. Altogether, these features can attract young bloods who are on the fence about vinyl records. For me, the Attessa is a very successful Plug and Play turntable. Readers, what do you think?”

– Martin

Audiotechnique January 2022

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