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Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier
Locked and Loaded with a Fresh Look

“After this period of testing, Attessa Streaming still gave me the impression of a British amplifier armed with novel streaming technology, or a phono amp that functions as an amplifier. Its real focus was still on sound performance. … It rubs me the wrong way when music on streaming platforms becomes flat and without ups and downs, although the music itself may be appealing, the overall sound effect leaves much to be desired. It’s a pity when music sounds flavour-less and half-hearted. The Attessa Streaming amplifier thankfully have avoided such missteps. I still found Gin and Adele’s singing moving with their emotive vocals. Listening to the Attessa Streaming amp this time, those weak reverberations are delicate, and their falsettos actually sound silky smooth. Is it the power of MQA (Master Quality Authenticated hi-res audio streaming) or Roksan? It doesn’t matter, the music resonates with me and that’s the most important thing!”

“Attessa Streaming has not strayed from the essence of Roksan, who continues to put sound first.”

– Martin

Audiotechnique January 2022