Fire and Ambulance Services Academy, Pak Shing Kok, Tseung Kwan O

Elephant has recently completed the installation of the CCTV system covering the entire grounds of The Fire and Ambulance Services Academy, as well as the audio-visual and sound systems for their parade ground, auditorium, multi-purpose Hall, and classrooms.

The Fire and Ambulance Services Academy is a firefighter training facility owned and operated by the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. Covering an area of 16 hectares, the Academy provides 526 residential training places for newly recruited and serving fire and ambulance personnel for foundation training and continuous professional in-service training. The Academy provides more opportunities for fire and ambulance personnel to be trained together, thereby enhancing their coordination and ability to respond to emergencies. It also provides fire and ambulance-related training courses to other government departments, private sectors, members of the public and overseas counterparts.