Construction Industry Council’s Safety Experience Training Centre, Kwai Chung, New Territories

Elephant has recently completed the installation of public address systems for The Construction Industry Council’s new Safety Experience Training Centre at their Kwai Chung facilities in the New Territories. The Centre provides “Silver Card” safety training course for Construction Workers of Specified Trades, and is divided into six zones:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment, with safety shoe accident simulator
  2. Working at Height, with working platform and stepladder accident simulators
  3. Lifting and Rigging Plant, with slinging wire and body impact simulators
  4. Virtual Reality screen
  5. Hazardous Substances, with electric shock tracker and solvent explosion simulator
  6. Hot Work and Fire Safety
  7. Machinery and Trapping Hazard, with jamming accident simulators

The goals of the Centre are to maximise the effect of education by experiencing live-on site activities; to provide state-of-the-art safety trainings through the application of innovation and proven technologies, and to escalate safety awareness and knowledge in the construction industry.