Audiotechnique – Audio Note OTO Phono SE and CD 2.1x / II player

“When the OTO PHONO SE is used in combination with CD2.1x II, they release a vibe unique to LPs, which keeps the listener glued to his chair.”


“The 10W amp does not let the [Harbeth] LS3/5A [speakers] down, rather it creates the illusion of a large speaker.”


“Without any exaggeration, it is as though the OTO Phono SE / CD2.1x II / LS3/5a combo brings the listener to the live music performance.”


“The combination of the OTO Phono SE and the Linn [Sondek LP12 turntable] delivers beautiful strings, an enchanting overall tone and a convincing field of sound… During quiet moments, the OTO Phono SE/ Linn combination gives distinct layers of fine detail, with soft, beautiful tones, whilst during more dynamic moments, the impressive sound rivals that of big systems. I could hardly believe my ears when I am looking at a 10W integrated amplifier.”

“[The OTO Phono SE] faithfully reveals the good and bad in the recordings.”

“After this review went to press, I bought this OTO Phono SE for myself.”