Tube World Monthly – Audio Note CDT Two/II + DAC 2.1x decoder

“Regardless of whether it is a piano solo, a chamber orchestra, or even a full symphony, the details delivered by the CDT Two/II and the DAC 2.1x not only make my eyes open wide, they also brought the performers’ emotions vividly to life…”

“Since the invention of CDs in the 1980’s, they became ubiquitous and countless in numbers. As new editions and replication technologies develop in stride, and with the old editions or even first edition CDs gaining interest in collectors, CDs should have a long lifespan ahead…. These days, even with the popularity of downloads and HD files, CDs are still standing strong, especially in the world of hi-fi, where CDs remains a mainstream choice for input sources.”

“CDT Two have been upgraded to the MK II version, and is still one of the best-selling models in Audio Note’s standalone players, for no reason other than its sheer musicality. Once you start listening, you simply cannot stop.”

“The DAC 2.1x decoder still uses zero sampling, and does not have jitter-correction, nor re-clocking. Basically everything comes au natrel, unaltered in its full original flavour… Whether it is Miles Davis on horns, or John Coltrane on the saxophone, the sound it emits is loud and clear, smooth and golden.”


Charlie Ma

Tube World Monthly – May 2019