Audiophile – Listening Chapter Audio Note CDT Two/II + DAC 2.1x decoder

“The CD-4.1x [CD player] does well on classical repertoires, especially on tracks with complex, large-scale arrangements. The soundstage it creates is calm and expansive, and the undulations are natural and smooth with clearly conveyed details.”

“The CDT Two is still one of Audio Note’s best-selling standalone CD transport, for no reason other than its sheer musicality. Once you start listening, you simply cannot stop… CDs after all have the best sound quality [when paired with] traditional internal components, with zero sampling, low bit rate, and digital circuitry that does not exaggerate the sound. Rather, the fine-tuning is done through the DAC decoder’s transformer and valves. Moreover, this transport’s S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) and XLR digital output comes equipped with hand-wound transformers from Audio Note’s own factory.”

“The DAC 2.1x decoder still uses zero sampling, and does not have jitter-correction, nor re-clocking. Basically its sound comes au natrel, unaltered in its full original flavour.”

“The details brought about by the CDT Two/II and DAC 2.1x not only made my eyes pop, the emotions in the performers were even more expressive… The naturalism, clarity and simplicity emanating from this combination is consistent with that of vintage audio systems. What made vintage audio systems popular was the natural musicality in their sound. In this combination, it is more vivid and lively, and the biggest surprise is that some details that were not easy to detect in the past have since emerged⋯⋯”

– Charlie Ma

Audiophile – June 2019