Audiophile – Listening Chapter Audio Note CD-Zero

Energetic sound with a gorgeous finish

“CD Zero is even smaller than a shoe box, but its sound transcends its compact form factor. I tried listening to the CD Zero, because in spite of its small size, its output can go as high as 3V. …I have always favoured large output CD players, because they give more room for adjustments and flexibility in tuning. …When you increase the drive of the amplification system, you can increase the tolerance of the sound, thereby directly improving upon the interpretation level of the music.”

“The powerful output of CD Zero can be said to steal people’s hearts, but its ability is not only limited to this. …In addition to restoring the lively ambiance and the murmurs at the scene, the CD Zero also conveys the voice of the main vocals with ample expression, along with the full, rich resonant sound of the guitar. The finger tapping on the guitar body reverberates with subtle force, while the sound of vibrating metal strings has an airy poignancy. [On the violin], the friction between the bow and the string almost emits the fragrance of pine… and on the accompanying piano, the continuity between the notes is excellent, with a sticky cohesion in the music. ⋯Whenever several strong notes hit in the middle of a soft melody, the CD Zero handles them aptly, relaying those strong notes with such power that it out-performs many larger models.”

“The CD Zero not only has the advantage of a high output; with the support of subminiature dual triode tubes on its analogue output stage, its sound performance is guaranteed. When you shop around for CD players in this price range, what other model have these two advantages? I can’t think of any!”


Audiophile – July 2019