Audiotechnique Lincoln’s Corner Audio Note CD 5.1X CD Player- Yet Another Digital Masterpiece

“Even though this CD player which ranks as Audio Note’s Level 3 is not cheap, it is far more affordable than the four-part set in my home. The materials used here are also hefty; it embodies the serenity and strong simulation in Audio Note’s high-end models. Whether listening to light tunes, strings, piano or vocals, this player gives you a high degree of realism whilst at the same time unwinding you to fully appreciate the enchantment of music. When listening to explosive, grand classical instrumentals, or classical Chinese percussion arrangements such as in Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, with the enthralling battle drums conveying the armies enrobed in armour. It can play the big crescendos and diminuendos with detailed excitement. Overall, its performance is completely worthy of its price!”

— Big Grass (Lincoln)

Audiotechnique August 2020