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On the Same Frequency – When Roksan TMS meets Caspian Reference Phono

“When the Caspian Reference Phono fell into the hands of yours truly, it feels consistent with Roksan’s simple, pragmatic and meticulous style. ”

“Although on the surface the main circuit board is relatively streamlined, the power supply part is several times larger. The power source occupies nearly two-thirds of the entire phono amp, and is covered by a thick metal exterior. It seems that the makers’ design approach is to prioritize the materials of the power supply.”

“Listening to Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 3, 4, & 5, with the dense flow from the string section… even our editor-in-chief Mr. Y.K. Chan couldn’t resist the pleasing string music and had to walk in. He pointed out that this phono was not only overflowing with the flavour of vacuum tubes, it is also full of musicality!”


— Charlie Ma

Audiophile – December 2020