HiFi Review – Cover Story
Strong Emotions in Music and High Sound Density
Audio Note TT-3 Turntable

“As the technology for CD players and manufacturing continually advance over time, the sound quality of CDs has also improved. That said, whenever I have the chance to listen to LPs again, I realize that vinyl records always sound more appealing, and the replay of musical instruments also has higher fidelity…. When it comes to convenience, LP systems cannot compare to CDs, but what experienced audiophiles are ultimately after is not convenience, but to enable the strong infectious emotions and the highest sound density in music.”

“I casually put on [Israeli singer] Esther Ofarim’s LP and dropped the needle. The sound was so spectacular that it truly shook me…. The sound and feel were authentic and mellow. It is 100% difficult for any CD version or player to achieve.”

“The rotational inertia [of the platter] is enhanced with three motors driving [it together]. At the same time, as the drag/pull force distribution is evened out with the rubber belt, the ‘flutter‘ rate becomes more ideal, which is then translated in the replay. The instrumentals become more stable, and the sound more real.”

“I tried to slam my palm hard in front of and behind the TT-Three during the replay, but there was absolutely no rumbling coming from the speakers. Nor did the needle ever skip from the track from the tone arm or pickup. It proves that the TT-Three’s platter suspension design absolutely works.”

“Looking at the tracking curve alignment on the computer, the TT-Three I listened to has very high tracking accuracy. … The tone arm / pickup are well-matched.”

“Sweet, shiny, saturated, and slick, the sound completely surged into my cochlea. The music is so infectious and powerful that it makes you want to listen to it non-stop…. The moving magnet cartridge with high specs and good sound delivered such rich musical emotions. For instrumentals / vocals, the tones and textures were alluring with a unique flavour. The matching IQ-III pickup, when paired with the tonearm and the TT-Three, shines especially with its dynamic and low-frequency performance. It is certainly not eclipsed by the moving coil cartridges. …. The more you turn up the volume on the pre-amp, the more lifelike and addictive the sound becomes; the more you hear, the more vigorous you feel…. There is no unpleasant mechanical sensation to the music, no barrier between listeners and the music, allowing people to utterly enjoy their music.”

“Playing the records one after another on the TT-Three system, the music background it creates is quiet and the details are unusually rich. It has brought boundless, irresistible charm to the music…. The replay on the TT-Three system is truly magnificent! When two violinists gently pluck the strings on their instruments, the system playfully re-enacts the sweet, dewy notes. The treble is sonorous and detailed with first-rate clarity, and a pine accent to the midrange. The piano’s bass notes have a good heft…. The entire TT-Three system bears such pure and beautiful, relaxed yet natural qualities… Listening to music on it has brought me joy and fun.”

“At the end of the listening session, yours truly blasted several booming recordings in a row, so that I can tell everyone the dynamics produced by the system were extremely strong. The explosive atmosphere was so powerful that it was breathtaking. In one of the most impressive passages, the TT-Three showed its true power…. After listening to different “turntable-tonearm-pickup” analogue setups in recent months, this one tugged my heartstrings most with one of the best performances.”

– Chung

HiFi Review – Apr 2021