WBT nominated for German Innovation Award 2021 in Medium-sized Companies for WBT-PlasmaProtect™

WBT-Industrie has been nominated for the German Innovation Award 2021 in the medium-sized companies category for its development of the process “3D gold-plating of connectors using PVD plasma” (PVD = Physical Vapour Deposition), known as the brand name: WBT-PlasmaProtect™.

With this manufacturing technology, WBT has for the first time, been able to develop a significantly more environmentally-friendly process in place of the previously-used electroplating process. Thanks to a new 3D process,

  • the effectiveness increased four-folds from 20% to 80%;
  • the energy required was reduced by approx. 26%;
  • the resource consumption – i.e. gold used for plating the connectors – was reduced by about 35%; and
  • most importantly, plasma technology does not require any toxic electroplating baths and is environmentally neutral.

All of which makes for a higher-quality conductive surface, and a higher-quality sound for your audio equipment.